Saturday, October 30, 2010

This ain't no barrier kult

A couple months ago I was approached by a local skater who just happens to have some wicked skate park building skills. He was in town in between trips, had a bag of cement, some tools and was on the hunt for the perfect barrier to create a new skate spot. He tried to enlist the Skateboard Coalition to help him find a barrier. He thought of taking the idea and having it blessed with some sort of legitimacy from the powers that be.

There were discussions made and some contacts contacted, but nothing came to fruition for the time being. Which is a bummer, cause I was hoping to see some barrier kult action.

My disappointment was lifted quite a bit today when some Wreckless Vikings invited me out to the bowl to witness the "Viking Grind".

We all know serious Vikings are full of hate.

It's simple, it's hardcore, it's the Viking Grind.

Unlike the barrier kult the Vikings don't need balaclavas, it just happened to be 2 degrees Celsius with a wind chill bringin' it down to -2.

The End.

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