Sunday, October 31, 2010

Trick or Treat

Those who know me will quickly tell you sports like football aren't my cup of tea. Every now and again when I take on a new project such as a car build etc... I buckle down and take the offers that come with the means to make these projects happen.

Today that put me in the freezing cold at 9:00am at the stadium for some championship football action.

I was gonna post some sort of "photo of the day" as there were a handful of fun action shots, but instead I post a shot for # 14. This kid must have run a bazillion yards resulting in touchdown after touchdown.

A couple more photo shoots later and finally we were on to trick or treating.

The temperature sucked today. The silver lining: The first snowfall didn't stick around all that much. Despite the cold and the snow I heard there is good news on the horizon. According to the local skateboarding weather network aka Winnipeg Skateboarding's facebook page it's getting warmer this week.

In other news...I hear Adam Hopkins is in town. A Mix of warm weather, a bowl and Adam Hopkins could provide great results. We'll see. Stay tuned.


  1. OMG a "trick or treat"ing post and no Daniel?!?!? What gives?

  2. To answer your good question:
    1. Because I am often reluctant to post pictures of Daniel for reasons stated in the past (sometimes I just can't help myself).
    2. Because pictures taken over the trick or treating period had other kids in them and not everyone wants their young ones on the internet period, never mind my blog (they just aren't prepared for that sort of awesomeness).
    A question for you:
    Who is byrd?

  3. I am shocked you don't know who I am...also a little pleased...perhaps I will remain anon