Sunday, November 28, 2010

Check Engine

On Thursday night my "Check Engine" light rears its ugly head on the "Hayt-ona". I ignore it until Friday when the "Check Gauges" light follows suit. The gauges did have a story to tell: Time to buy a new alternator. No time for changing alternators! I had errands to run. So I charged up the battery for an A to B, then B back to A trip and the car died 2.8km from home base on the return. This of course cost me a tow and a brisk walk.

It just so happens that if my Mac computer had its own "Check Engine" light; it too would have been staring me in the face. Somehow my lovely piece of technology caused files to be corrupt all over its hard drive and my two externals causing system failure after system failure.

One alternator, one great mobile mechanic rate from Sling Shot Mechanical (thank you Fred), one extended care Apple Protection fee and one hour of my Sunday on the phone later I was almost back in the game. The Apple Care dude could help me fix the Macintosh Hard Drive,but every time I tried to run disk utility on the externals the computer crashed. After spending the money and messing around here and there for two days it finally dawned on me to take a chance with ol' faithful (my ancient Dell Laptop). I plugged the externals in to the lap top, Windows recognized the problems immediately, ran a disk check on its own and fixed me up good!

That is the cause of the hiatus currently approaching day three.

I was back up an running in time to fix up a Grey Cup meal sans football.

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