Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Then and now -20 years of Rick and Corey

For those of you who stumble across this blog after checking out camnikkel.com you'll be familiar with the reason I started sharing photos on the world wide web in the first place. Having captured images that crossed over span of three decades I felt it was useless to let them sit in storage or wait for visits from friends to have an excuse to dig through boxes and boxes of photos to share.

Looking back I realize that having a camera handy and ready to document life as it unfolded was a good thing. Peering in to the past can be a trip for anyone, especially if the majority of the images can bring back positive memories.

Your friends can't be by your side every day and sometimes there's long periods of time between visits when you live or grow apart. Realizing that as you grow up you've shared more than two decades of experiences with some of those friends is a great thing.

Corey and Rick 1987

Corey 1988

Corey 1998 in the backyard of his home at the time in Orange County

Corey 2008 outside of Triple Rock in Minneapolis when we met up for the Gorilla Biscuits reunion tour.

Rick after a Peak of Outrage jam session 1988.

Rick's return 2008

To all my friends then,now and tomorrow...thanks for letting me take all those pictures!


  1. I've never seen that pic from 1987 - man do I look young. Been a lot of crazy times over the years. We'll have to have a 25th anniversary in 2012 to keep the viewing audience satisfied.

    Stay Young, Stay True, Stay Gold!!!


  2. You probably never saw that picture because it was on slide film. I don't remember hosting any slide shows back in the 80's haha! See you in 2012!