Friday, November 5, 2010

Lunch with Adam Hopkins

Adam Hopkins is no stranger to Winnipeg as The Plaza has been drawing him out here since it was built in 2006. He had been seeking out the top skate spots for years always returning to his home base of Thunder Bay. He's since relocated to the west coast and is currently back on the road again armed with his board, clothes, laptop and a Greyhound bus pass looking for more of the top skating spots of North America. He's headed wherever the bus will take him and this week happens to be his return to Winnipeg after a two year hiatus.

I caught up with Adam at The Mansion and needless to say I was impressed with his choice of shirt for the day.

After getting geared up for the pleasing for this time of year, but still harsh Winnipeg weather we headed out.

Following the consumption of some Roti at Bindy's I was stoked to hear about some of the recent spots Adam had been skating including a stop in New York where he got to witness some shredding from skating master Lance Mountain.

Prepped for the bowl with recent injuries needing to be tended to first.

Well on his way to becoming a master of skateboarding himself Adam kicks it off with a clean backside ollie in the bowl.

...followed up with a backside smith.

...and finished off with a nice indy.

Adam's an amazing sight to watch whether he's skating transition, stair sets, hand rails or gaps. His attitude about life is as well rounded as his skateboarding. Keep an eye out for him in your town soon! For more on Adam check out Frank Daniello's recent article.

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