Monday, January 31, 2011

Call Response contributors shin-dig/sneak-peak party.

Tonight the creators of the Kids Help Phone fund raiser project (via the Call Response Book) held a little get together and early book release for the book's contributors.

The book was well received in my opinion. Great job to all those involved! Books officially go on sale on Saturday!

I don't get out sometimes as often as I'd like, but when I do get out it's always nice to run in to David Seburn. David is Big Woop Magazine's staff photographer and a contributor to the Call Response Book amongst other local publications. He left early to go skateboarding and why not?!

The roommate not only contributed some of his photographs, but also made a contribution by being a subject in one of Joey Senft's shots of his band The ALX.

You can't make a book about Winnipeg's music scene without images from the master himself, Jon Schledewitz.

As the shin-dig wound down,the creators and contributors that were left in the room gathered for a quick shot. Thank you!

A side note: This particular beat down (could have been staged, who can be sure?) took place approximately 21 years ago. At the time I wasn't quite sure why I was throwing down on Scott Bagshaw, but it all came clear to me tonight while being offered "finger food" in his restaurant where this event took vegan snacks! Now we're even! Ha!

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