Sunday, January 9, 2011

Chinatown part II

I've never had a "guest spot" before on this blog, but the main reason we were visiting Winnipeg's Chinatown today is becuase my friend and fellow photographer Michelle, insisted we capture images of the Shanghai Restaurant during it's last day of business after being open since the 1940's. Here are her images:

Sometimes even the photographer gets caught in an image from time to time.

We returned at night as Michele asked me to shoot a portrait of her in front of the infamous neon Shanghai sign in it's final hours before closing it's doors for good.

A serious portrait.

A not so serious portrait.

A small part of me expected to see an appearance from a friend of mine who's been a big fan of Shanghai his whole life, but New Zealand to Winnipeg is a big trek for deep fried chicken balls last supper or not.

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  1. My parents had my last supper for me - I would have loved to join them though.