Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Fear of the dark.

I don't have a fear of the dark or the darkroom, but I have been procrastinating darkroom play time for what I feel has been a very long while.

Using the medium format has forced me back in to action.

I dig my Mamiya more and more each time I break it out!

People who know me well, know that I don't dig rebate on prints. You get rebate like this when you leave your negative carriers in the hands of someone else for far too long and they do as they please with them via a grinder I suppose. It's punk, it's's pointless to me.


  1. So what is your remedy? Cutting mat and olfa? Also how much does rebate really matter when you scan photos and post them on the interwebs?

  2. The last thing I am concerned about is finding a solution for the unfortunate rebate on my prints. I merely took the time to state the reason for the rebate before haters look at the photos and then post fun little comments like “I thought you didn’t like rebate?”, because far too often people have nothing better to do.

    As for your comment mystery friend regarding photos and the “interwebs” you puzzle me yet again. I find it hard to believe that you have been reading this blog and leaving comments for over a year and yet it appears to me that don’t get that this blog like so many others main intent is to utilize the “interwebs” to promote my body of work in all sorts of printed publications, on gallery walls and beyond where things like rebate or no rebate in the final presentation do matter to me.

    It appears that airing my own opinions this week has evoked a few responses from the readers, which is a great thing. Unfortunately it has also stirred too many pots when they are interpreted beyond their intent which is a shame.

  3. I will assume that the tone of your response is directed to the other "evoked responses". As I was merely asking for your remedy. I have never thought of rebate as having been "unfortunate", as a matter of fact I have never really given rebate much thought at all. So I asked in earnest what your remedy might be, for which I received an emotionally charged response, that I can only assume was the result of other comments which you chose not to post or those that were directed at other blog entries. I can sympathize with wanting to head off your typical comment troll but you moderate comments so I am not sure it really matters.

    Yours is a genre where you have ultimate control over final presentation. Therefore other than perhaps cost considerations (due to buying new carriers or reprinting etc.) what would be your mitigation process for something you deem "pointless".

    My comment regarding interwebs was miss-interpreted. I wasn't suggesting that internet posting was your only purpose for taking photos. I was referring to the handling of your media in this type of forum. You could have scanned and cropped those images and your internet audience would have been none the wiser, but it was your goal (or so I interpreted) to point out that the rebate existed eliciting further discussion about it.

    FTR I may have only been commenting for the past year but I have known you for 17 odd years now and so I would claim to know a thing or two what your end goal is. I remain un-insulted however as I have chosen not to reveal who I am and I suspect that your response would have been different had you at some point gained that insight.

  4. I no longer have a flatbed scanner for prints. I don't have readily available access to a medium format negative scanning resource. Thus using the darkroom to print the images to remain as they are...prints.

    Taking a picture of the prints hanging and posting it to share my evening in the darkroom was the original intent. Knowing that I have voiced my opinion against rebate in the past, I made a mention of it in the hopes of not being called a hypocrite based on the fact that it was obvious to me that there was indeed rebate on the prints.

    It would be much easier in my opinion to assess a tone in a verbal form of communication than in my writing, but yes I was making reference to previous unrelated posts. Your comment regarding the interwebs was indeed miss-interpreted.

    I do have my comments set to "moderate" only becuase I was blindsided in the past with rants from a delusional cyber-stalking crazy person and didn't notice for a few hours. That mistake was not to be repeated. All other opinions and comments whether I agree with them or not have been published.

    Thank you for your comments.

  5. I had an epiphany at 4:31 which may have given me the insight you were referring to. If I am correct with my realization, then you are very right. If I had known who the mystery friend was ahead of time I may not have assumed a comment had any ill intent. Unfortunately around here I have bumped in to far too many "friends" lately that have brought me down with their cynicism who have criticized anything from my choice to use a flash to the company I keep and beyond. It's been a rough week and I apologize for any misunderstandings and conclusions I may have jumped to.

    Some days its easy to forget about the friends that consistently support everything you do when you choose to let a few Negative Nancys bring you down.