Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Purgatory for automobiles.

The other day we took a trip to what I like to think of as Purgatory for cars, trucks, motorcycles and more. It's the "in-between" place. Also known as the insurance company's yard. Some of the cars are on their way to their final place of rest and some will be resurrected to drive another day.

The reason for the visit was to do one last check for personal belongings and take what the insurance company isn't paying for becuase a wise friend once told me "you gotta take what you can get in this life". He wasn't all that wise as I think he said those words explaining why it was o.k. to steal from your friends or their parents. He forgot about "you get what you deserve" and spent some time to think about all his wonderful sayings in the big house.

The stereo lives to play music another day and my Ray-ban sunglasses and At The Drive In CD were found beside the seat. Score!


  1. So...you were involved in an accident?

  2. Unfortunately yes, but only a minor one. I posted earlier about breaking a tooth, a car and a flash all in the same week in unrelated incidents. This was related to "breaking the car".

    A few days later after the crash up derby I said to my son..."you lost a glove!?", he replied..."you lost a car". He wins.