Saturday, March 19, 2011


Just when you thought the bottomless pit of archives hit bottom this happens...

When I bumped in to the the dudes from Supra Distribution the other day we started talking about my archives and early 90's hardcore. More specifically Toronto, Buffalo, Syracuse and Boston. That led to talking about Chokehold, Snapcase, Strife, Bloodlet and Earth Crisis! This of course motivated me to do some digging...

This picture was taken New Year's Eve 1993. I can only imagine this was in the middle of "ALL OUT WAR!"

I woke up from taking a much needed nap in the bleachers to take these pictures. We arrived late afternoon that same day after driving the 3000km trek from Winnipeg to Boston non-stop to see this festival. The mission was to see some of the bands mentioned above at a YWCA and to meet up with our friends that were on the road with Chokehold if my memory serves correct.

The outcome was great times with great friends both old and new.

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