Saturday, March 26, 2011

Go for broke!

Yesterday I was only teasing about the World of Wheels. I was hoping I'd make it down there at some point this weekend to check out my friend Mario's 64 SS Impala. He's been geared up about this weekend since the fall when he decided he would show his ride again as it had been a couple of years since he took part in this ISCA event.

Usually a return to an event like this calls for some changes since the last show attended. A good deal of this past winter was spent chrome plating the majority of anything metal that could be peeled off of the car. Any good lowrider knows this is a must do.

I met Mario shortly before he acquired this car and since the day he picked it up many years ago, his passion for his Impala and lowriding has only grown stronger over time.

I knew this was evident when he picked up the car and his next move was to show up at my place in the middle of the winter insisting he'd rather buy the wire wheels and white walls off of one of my cars, peel them off outside in the cold and get them that day instead of waiting two weeks to order them and wait for them to show up from south of the border.

Mario insisted on perfection when I installed his hydraulic set up not too long after and as you can see he still insists on perfection showing up an hour before the show opens to polish the mirrors laid down to show off all the under body chrome and paint!

As I mentioned last summer; Mario and his USO Car Club buddies are working hard in getting their local USO Chapter up and running and rolling strong.

Keep an eye out for their crew rolling deep when the snow is gone, the potholes are filled in and the street sweepers have prepped the boulevard for cruising.


  1. Thanks socapots! When do I get to take picture of your Impala??!