Thursday, March 17, 2011

A little get together going on down the street...

...a.k.a. The Green Apple and DVS Footwear St. Patty's day shoe collaboration launch!

Mr. Mike McDermott himself after a long run of much work/little sleep.

The lack of sleep probably has something to do with getting ready to show off the new kicks. What better way than converting the entire store to a Green Apple/DVS Temple of sorts. Seriously.

Kevin (left) was in town from Supra Distribution to help the launch flow smoothly. Marky (right) never misses a good time. Frankie (his dog) never misses a good time either, but he did miss getting in this picture (dang those restrictions of the 24mm lens).

Mitch was on a short lay over from his hectic New Line schedule and still made the time to say hello to some old friends.

I have a hunch Ryan was working around the clock as well, but he still shows up to work with a smile (and caffeine).

From new hand made wallets, to t-shirts, hoodies, new shoes and decks....there were no shortage of Green Apple logos today.

I think it's part of Mike's mission statement to give his store that family feel to his customers when they walk in the door. Having the support of his own family makes that task all that much easier.

The twins...

...Mike's dad keeping it real, keeping it Irish.

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