Saturday, May 14, 2011

$10 Parking

I have seen many complaints lately with regards to how crappy the weather is this week. I try not to say too much despite the fact that it's not skateboarding friendly, because I'm well aware that many Manitobans don't really care about how miserable it is outside as they're too busy trying to save their houses from flood water.

I try not to complain about the gas price soaring up to $1.30/litre, because I'm well aware that many of the people that complain about the price per litre on gas also pay $2+/litre for bottled water when that stuff comes out of the tap for pennies a glass.

I try not to complain too much because I'm well aware that when the roommate asked if I'd drive him to the airport that I'd jump at the chance, because I have no issues with spending $10 to park at the airport to eat veggie burgers and play Galaga!

I've been told fast food will kill us...but a stacked veggie burger on a Friday night...

...and a side salad? I think we'll survive.

I've been crowned champion of this 1982 classic in the past, but tonight the Galaga carpal tunnel syndrome was kicking in and I couldn't advance past second place! Dang!

"That deaf, dumb and blind kind sure plays a mean pinball"-The Who

There aren't that many arcades left, so the airport is sort of an oasis of pinball and mostly old school type video games.

My son urged I admit defeat publicly 2-0.

After our two hour party at the airport we had to tend to some "lowrider Doctor" business and we worked on finding and fixing the one leaky spoke out of one hundred on my fiend's rim.

Some artwork was made...we called it a night.

It's currently Saturday and sunny. Pancakes have been consumed... it's time to get outside!

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