Saturday, July 16, 2011

Skate all day!

When you live in a city that is under a blanket of white snow for more than half of each year, you better do your best to take advantage of beautiful days like today. It was 34℃/93℉ ("feels like" 40℃/104℉) with the humidity climbing all you can hide inside with the air conditioning or get out and skate!

Our morning started bright and early at the Red River C.C. as we set out to grab some images of the now fully completed park for the landscape architect.

We snuck this one in for good measure and then we headed to The Plaza.

While we were at The Plaza at The Forks the sun came back out and we met up with Andrew from Barkman Skate Parks who was gearing up to head out to to take care of some business for the Dew Tour projects they're working on. Speaking of projects...we were fortunate enough to enjoy a session at a personal project he completed in his own back yard...

Andrew with a slick back tail on his concrete mini ramp.


Quarter from the back lane to help set up for...

...whatever you'd like to do on this deep three set out the back door!

Andrew's back yard set up was inspiring enough to make me want to take an axe to the deck and make way for our own little concrete paradise!

Lots of fluids and rest are important when the mercury rises!

It's also important to get some rest when you just finish your third session since 9:00am and you get invited out to a fourth at the mini-ramp.

After breaking out new tricks like board slide fakies and front side board slide rock n' rolls in Andrew's back yard, my favourite seven year old steps it up a notch and starts throwing down boneless after boneless on the mini in the late afternoon sun.

Sometimes you gotta pay to play. Ross told me he had an "orange in his pocket". That or he was hiding a tennis ball under his skin in his hip! Ouch!

What goes around comes around...Grady has been doing all sorts of great things for the P/S cause lately, so after receiving some Barkman decks as a bonus for an old job we did for Barkman we paid one of them forward.

Pay to play continued... shins are always so vulnerable to constant abuse! Ice can be your best friend at the end of a long day of skateboarding.

Gelati can be a good friend as well!

That's that!

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