Saturday, August 20, 2011

Chip and Pepper Skate Team at the plaza - Marina Park Thunder Bay

Trashing Thunder Bay commenced shortly after these skate pirates awoke from their slumber.

Looking at this picture it's hard to believe, but this is Cameron Revier popping frontside out of a blunt.

The crew kidnapped Winnipeg's Austin Thomas to joing their voyage.

Aside from Austin, the only other skater not from California on this tour is Jesus Esteban from Puerto Rico.

When Jesus starts shredding the bowl, it doesn't take long for the locals to take notice (they were gathering behind me).

Austin with a front side rock on what I think should be Thunder Bay's crown jewel. A New Line Skateparks built bowl surrounded with a perimeter of pool coping. Vert walls in both the shallow and deep end make this bowl just that much more intimidating and fun!

Captain Mike and Mighty getting in on the action.

Jesus was getting creative with this ollie from the fence to the steep bank.

F-Stops. Good choice for a tattoo if you ask me.

The team and some of the Thunder Bay locals.

Just when you though the fun wouldn't end...

...this happens! We were treated to a two song performance by the owner of a gas station in the middle of nowhere on the Trans-Canada Hwy. It was AMAZING!

In his own words... forget about it!.

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