Friday, August 19, 2011

The waiting game

Landed in Thunder Bay mid afternoon yesterday before Captain Mike and the Chip and Pepper Skate Team got to town. So I hit the streets running as usual.

Found the closest to The Plaza and well recommended skate shop 4Fourteen

John was manning the shop and was kind enough to let me dump my gear there when I took my board to the bowl for a spin (more on that later).

When I got back to the shop I took a closer look around and noticed this turntable. It was already getting my approval.

Then this happened...

Fully certified!

The little kid from the restaurant next to the shop overheard me trying to track down a vegan spot to find some chow. He ran back to his restaurant.

This place made a promise!

They delivered! The kid came back and told me his dad was conjuring up an eggplant dish not offered on the menu. Made from scratch and it hit the spot!

To be continued...

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