Tuesday, August 16, 2011


My first two incoming text messages of the day were from Rob Tibbs just before 8:00am. "HOLY SHIT!" "You check TH today?"

I had to think for a second...TH? Rob Tibbs? ...The Hundreds! I was instantly super curious and checked it out as I often do for my daily dose and was stoked to find some P&S love! It turns out the package of goodies we sent a while back had been well received.

"...which I wholly endorse because of their incorporation of fine photography. Look at these photo tees – their package also came with a photo ‘zine and a few print portraits as well. P&S is one of the better new t-shirt lines out there.. A very unique dive into a sea of sameness."

What else is there to say...Thank you Bobby Hundreds!

So we headed back to The Plaza today as the Chip and Pepper crew were still in town and were promising some action. When we arrived local SK8 Skates Team rider Austin Thomas was in the middle of hucking over this HUGE gap. He came so close to sticking the landing it hurt to watch almost as much as some of the less than desirable landings probably hurt him. He had yet to roll away, but after going at it for a good portion of an hour he deserves some recognition for his dedication to getting the job done!

SK8 Skates Skate Camp is going down this week. Today they were at the Plaza getting down with Chip and Pepper crew for some prizes and good times.

After the tour bus pulled away, it was business as usual. Will Power with an indy air over the hip in the bowl.

So there's that.

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