Monday, August 15, 2011

Chip and Pepper

What are Will and Grady looking at?

Cameron Revier ripping up the bowl at The Plaza

Why is he ripping up the bowl you ask? Answer: Chip and Pepper Tour.

If you happened to grow up in the 80's in Winnipeg you're probably thinking WHAT!? Chip and Pepper? Say it ain't so!

Well it is just so. Chip and Pepper have gone from the wet wear line that was popular in some circles in the 80's to high end duds for the rich and famous and now they're taking it back to their roots by backing this tour.

The boys from Venice Beach have enlisted number one son as one of the pirates on their crew!

Was stoked to meet Pep Williams

Was also we hit the streets for some post session pizza. Enough said!

Wanna get in on the action? Be at The Plaza at 2:00pm Tuesday August 16th 2011

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