Sunday, August 14, 2011


On Friday night while at a skate park, this piece of paper with some doodle art caught my eye as it lay on the ground. I'm the curious type, so I picked it up.

I have no idea what this list of paired up names means, but it means something to somebody. One thing I now know is TESSSSSA + MIKE!

So... many months ago I said to this girl Caitlin "let's shoot some photos". I say that sort of thing a lot. Anyway...she said "sure, let's do that" or something along those lines. Many months later she sends me a text message to let me know today is the day. I had never actually met Caitlin in person before, we were "internet friends" I guess you could say. So we strolled up to her and her friend yesterday and she says "hey you're short!" I laughed. We took some pictures and parted ways.

I broke in a new Jeff Grosso 8.5" this weekend.

P/S and halen. I'm feeling some good chemistry there. This could be some possible foreshadowing.

Today we were back at Komenda when we bumped it to Markus. He was taken it easy with his ankle brace and pulled of a mellow nose stall revert prior to my depature.

That's that.

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