Monday, September 26, 2011

All girls all day.

Some days are harder than others. Take yesterday for example. Hanging out with our girlfriends and shooting photos all day. It's a rough life. Feel sorry for us!

First order of business was meeting up with Amanda again for round two at the North main Skate Park. She had a new trick on lock. Foot plant to fakie.

Next up was hanging out with the usual suspects to work on some art projects and collaborations. More on that sooner than later.

Last but not least was getting together with our musical buddy Ida from the Mag 7's to shoot some photos while she played along to a Black Sabbath cassette on various instruments just to keep it that much more fun!

Some days it's hard to cram that much fun and productivity in to one day, but it's always well worth the effort in the end!

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