Sunday, September 25, 2011

Edge Final Session

Yesterday the final session went down for The Edge Skate Park which is coming up on it's twenty year anniversary. I's not really the end of an era, but the end of their occupancy at 125 Pacific Ave. Within a few months they hope to be up and running the in new facility. We're all looking forward to that with winter around the corner.

I bumped in to a someone the other day who went out of their way to introduce themselves to me while I was out for lunch. They mentioned how they've seen me at hardcore shows and skate parks since forever. He commented how that was the first time he had ever seen me without a camera around my neck. As there often is a camera around my neck or a skateboard under my feet I often forget to just stop everything and observe.

A perfect example is watching my son grow in all aspects of life. I'm witness to it all, but sometimes it's hard to slow down and appreciate every single moment. Yesterday I took the time to do just that after I caught him in the corner of my eye being his usual awesome self. He was pulling late grab transfers over the mini spine at the skate park. I was in awe.

Of course the proud father in me eventually whipped out the camera to grab this shot.

Cain Lambert mentioned he'd be sad to see the place go. I am pretty sure he went all out to get a few "it's now or never" tricks in this session.

Watching him pull off this front side 50-50 over the love seat and airing out of it three times in a row was definitely a highlight of the evening.

It was a full house of many generations of Edge Directors, staff and volunteers from the past nineteen years.

Cliff got the ball rolling on some story sharing during an intermission of sorts in a night full of skateboarding. He also pumped up the book they're working on to commemorate the last nineteen keep an eye out for that!

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