Sunday, September 11, 2011


On the way home last night I bumped in to my friend Dave as he was dropping some friends off at the curb. I told the story in a previous post about his adventure picking up and driving home a 51 Buick from Florida. He's since upgraded to some 22's for a little more "hey look at me" factor.

Since we both own cars built in the 50's we decided it would be appropriate to make an appearance at the Fabulous 50's Ford Club of Manitoba's Flashback Weekend Car Show for a brief moment or two. That's exactly what we did today.

The first car that caught my eye was this 62' Buick Electra.

Even more head turning in some ways was Joel's Datsun Minitruck. I first cranked my neck seeing him whip down the street in this creation earlier this summer. I've been waiting for a closer look for a couple of months now. The wait was over.

This body dropped Datsun looked like a fun little truck to drive!

Joel wasn't around to confirm, but I'm pretty sure this Cadillac is also his. I can appreciate the "as is/where is" kind of fit and finish.

The Fab 50's Car Club boasts to host approximately 1200 custom cars annually. Today didn't appear to be any different. The rides ranged from the cleanest... the meanest! Yes this "keep it simple" looking laid out VW appears to have some punk rock spikes sticking out of the hood. Why not? Is my reaction!

Some gullwing door styling.

This Chevrolet Corvair 95 pick up has to be a rare breed, because I've never seen anything like it before.

Not that I'm an authority on what's rare or not based on my own limited knowledge on the topic, but this thing was pretty bad ass regardless of how rare it is or not.

Out of 1200 cars those were the highlights of what grabbed my eye in just under 30 minutes.

There's never enough time in a day and as usual we had other things to do. One of those things was a photo shoot. I'm leaning towards the fact that this tattoo is going to sort of rule when it's finished.

More on the rest of the shoot another time perhaps.

We also hooked up with DJ p_a and DJ SW@T for a party planning brainstorm.

More on that sooner than later I can assure you!


  1. “Fabulous” – That is the right word, indeed! These vintage vehicles are fabulous, especially that old Bug. The matte color definitely suits the vehicle. I do love seeing old cars. Although they are past their prime, their vintage appeal never fades.

  2. The Chevy Corvair pickup was the best for me. I imagine myself driving that vehicle with my girlfriends. I think it’s really the prefect car to use if you’re up for a road trip! What do you think? ;) It sounds fun, right? You’ll surely have a wonderful joyride especially when you’re playing good music on the road!