Saturday, September 10, 2011

It's worth the trip.

Steinbach Manitoba has a slogan "It's worth the trip!". Aside from an unwanted issue with the clutch release bearing on my car when we landed in Steinbach today, I'd say it was worth the trip to check out Street Havoc to kick off an action packed day.

Grady Kuly with a heel flip rock fakie on the quarter.

Brendan Sanderson with some crazy ollie finger flip craziness over a large gap.

Green Apple's Justin Basset putting in some work attempting to land this quarter to quarter gap. Unfortunately, no dice.

Steve Carlson showed up from Kenora, Ontario. Missed the contest registration, but did his thing anyway pulling multiple variations of flip tricks and 360 ollies etc... over this gap to sidewalk.

Steinbach spectators spectating.

Skye contemplating his next move for the best trick contest.

Taking turns.

Who wants the Green Apple money?

Brendan does!

The infamous product toss.

Skye Spence takes first place for the young ones.

Jamie Suppes is no stranger to first place!

Mike McDermott tosses a Green Apple deck from the scissor lift platform.

"One more ollie dad" before we leave...

We made it back to Winnipeg after a small journey in 4th gear as the 5th gear is no more until we make it to the repair shop. We ate, we hit up Komenda, we skated until the sun was gone and then headed downtown.

This is where we bumped in to the Dutch-Mexican/ex-roommate Ingrid...

...outside of the Condominium show at Negative Space.

Condominium is from Minneapolis. My friend Natalie thought I might like them so she suggested I check them out. She gives good advice because they were amazing! Their drummer was a one man show of intense energy and sweat flying everywhere!

After the musical interlude we ate AGAIN...and then documented Grady getting into some hijinks before heading back to the burbs.

That's that!

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