Sunday, October 9, 2011

Being thankful.

To acknowledge the fact that it's Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend we've put together a quick list of some random things we were thankful for throughout the day.

Number one on any list of things to be thankful for any day of the year is number one son.

He climbs stuff. Sometimes I ask him not to, but most times I don't.

We're thankful for our Sunday breakfast buddies Jordie and Amanda.

We naturally turn the appreciation up a notch when they bring presents!

There was a good amount of these delicious vegan chocolate chip cookies in that paper bag. They didn't last long.

We're thankful to live in a city full of creative types.

We're thankful that pretty girls track us down for photo shoots when they come to visit during the holidays. Merci Danika!

I'm also thankful that there was just enough time to get the best front side grind of the season in before the big family supper. We're thankful for the supper of course too! The list goes on...but without the photos to back it up it's just not as exciting!

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