Monday, October 10, 2011

Lift the boycott.

From time to time I find myself boycotting a local store or chain of stores for reasons that are usually based around poor customer service. Earlier this summer we boycotted the whole City of Selkirk cause as a city...their customer service sucks. That's a story perhaps for another time. Let's just say we were treated like they didn't understand the value of tourism. When we contacted the city to let them know how we felt, they couldn't be bothered to write us back.

Time often heals all wounds and sometime the boycotts are lifted. Sometimes even one boycott will replace another which will lift a previous boycott by default. The point? ...we returned to Selkirk today to visit their Skate Park.

We made sure we spent all our money on Winnipeg before we left as the city of Selkirk made it clear they can survive without the financial gains of treating tourists with respect.

Bought some gas in Winnipeg.

Bought some lunch in Winnipeg.

We refused to pay the park fee.

All for...THIS.

Seriously? Snow is usually a deal breaker, but a neglected park? ...and then to top it off it rained.

Where's the silver lining in this dark cloud/waste of a trip?

Friday night's wind storm wreaked some havoc on Winnipeg and in turn created this little skate spot. We shot some photos there for other projects. Here's the light test!


  1. Who wants to know? $20 spot finding fee! ha! I DOUBT it still exists. The City probably cut down the fallen tree during the Friday's storm and came back Tuesday for the stump possibly, but if it IS still there, you'd want to be looking on Inkster.