Wednesday, October 19, 2011

...a little help from your friends

We had a lot going on the week leading up to the P/S Issue II Zine Launch Party so there wasn't a lot of time to post about all the things going on that week. Luckily it was still documented! going backwards we have some highlights from the barrier tranny build up.

First thing's first...find or get yourself a barrier. Then round up some friends.

No not Fred... He was just there to look pretty.

Put your back in to it and mix that cement!

Get your screed board action on!

Don't be scared to get dirty and oh yeah...don't breathe in the dust!

Our first attempt get's a final inspection...

...and the official seal of approval!

Big ups to Mitch for guiding us in the right direction on this little project! He knows things!

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