Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Get Excited! ...Again!

I was already stoked about tomorrow night's Downtown Underground when I dropped by Absurd Machine Studio today at 72 Princess St. and it was then I had a revelation which increased my level of stoked-ness.

When I first read the address nothing special occured to me. When I first walked up the stairs no memories of ever having been in the building kicked in. When I was shown around the space I was taken back on what a wicked job these guys did reonovating and retrofitting this place for all sorts of creative projects they have on the go, but still didn't recognize where I was. It wasn't until they took me up on to a balcony built (not too long ago in the grand scheme of things) when I looked down and realized I was staring in to the corner where a stage once stood that hosted bands like 7 Seconds, Circle Jerks, SNFU, Artificial Life, Beyond Possesion, Global Genocide, Mourning Sickness, The Replacements, Government Issue and the list goes on.

Now Be:Cultured was holding it's art show in support of Call*Response in this same great space that once was a black cave that once hosted some of the greatest mosh pits in my own life history and transformed it into a beautiful space ready to host one amazing show.

How amazing you ask? Aside from the live music, live art and the plethora of local photographers and artists displaying their goods you get this:

Two "John's" for the price of NONE! That's right! Admission is free and two of my favourite local photographers are in the show.

"John" # 1 is Johnny Campbell. I'm anxious to see what he brings to the show. He's always got something interesting on the go. Here's a sample from his blog.

"John" # 2 is the photographer I've looked up to most over the past 23 years; Jon Schledewitz. He's been here, there and everywhere documenting life around him since before we even met. Here's a sample of his from a Mouthpiece show from way back.

The show runs 6pm-11pm Thursday and Friday. See you there (unless of course I dislike you...then feel free to stay at home).

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