Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Mind Like a Door.

Sometimes my mind's just like a door
it's open night and day
always open to suggestion
Don't want to throw a good idea away
Sometimes my mind's just like a door
it's closed so no one can get in
Too afraid to leave it open
afraid a stranger might come in
Sometimes my mind's just like a door
It's made out of the thickest wood
And you may try your best to kick it down
But that won't do you any good
Sometimes my mind's just like a door
and I lose the key,
I find myself locked outside
Trying to break back in so desperately -SNFU

So here's the deal. Sometimes I get sick or close to it. When I am at that point I am likely in a bed or on a couch and not in front of a computer. In turn, productivity goes down! Way down!

Since I haven't been out and about town I have decided to keep it close to home and bring your attention to my son's door. Since I'm on the subject of doors I am reminded of SNFU's Mind Like a Door song. The lyrics often match my own state of mind, but yet they have nothing to to with my son's door...so back to that...

I don't recall ever being asked for permission for stickers to be applied to his door, but yet it would have been silly to deny such a request with stickers over a good handful of other household items. Kids like stickers...so it's always interesting to see if they get put up with discretion or simply at random. Is there a grand design in mind or does it just evolve as the stickers arrive? I'm not really sure but I do really dig his door.

That's that.

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