Friday, December 30, 2011

2011 Top 10's Part I

Last year I posted a Top 10 selection of Boys and Girls photos I had taken in 2010.

This year I'm going to expand the selections to a few more categories. It goes without saying that my favourite images taken either ended up on a gallery wall or on the pages of P&S Zine Issue # 1, 2 or already gracing the pages of #3 which is currently being worked on. So we'll stick to the photos previously posted on the blog itself.

Let's get things started with the girls...

Xenia the Spanish tutor.

Mother to be...Sydney

Grady's lady...Megan

The very talented...Ida

The infamous Danika

Chelsea the queen of awesome.

Skateboarding sisters Cassandra and Courtney

Caitlin at The Forks

The most camera shy person I have ever known...Amanda

Saving the best for last... skateboarding, trash metal loving, Falafalito eating buddy and voted by us the# 1 person in all of Mexico...Pilar!

More top 10's coming...hang tight!

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