Monday, December 27, 2010

Boys and girls

The final days of 2010 seem like the appropriate time to look back and pick some of my favourite photos from this past year broken down by two categories...boys and girls.

Some of these images have never been seen before, but are being posted now since they made the cut. The photos I chose (in no specific order) aren't necessarily a favourite for their strength as a photo by itself, but rather for the content or the moment captured.

A fitting image to start off the "boys" category is these three amigos captured post skate session downtown.

We met Justin our first day arriving in the 808
while skateboarding in South Kihei.

Adam Hopkins
at the Mansion.

Ryan at Komenda.

Johnny in Ka'ahumanu.

Taylor Bray
at Selkirk's new skate park.

Tommy Kono
in Wailuku.

Marky and Drew
with their Hondas in Selkirk.

Andrew at The Edge.

Another Adam for the best of 2010.

To transition in to the girl category we'll start with boyfriend/girlfriend during a lighting test shot.

The infamous assistant at a summer BBQ.

My friend Amanda doing some promo shots for a burlesque show prior to her retirement.

California girl in Kihei.

The assistant having a serious moment during a Sunday morning coffee in Selkirk.

A random crossing of paths with Jacqui
in River Heights.

Maikalani in Kihei.

"Squeegee Girl".

A piece from a session I was shooting for my book which is way behind it's original schedule, but slowly coming together.

Bring on 2011...

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