Friday, December 9, 2011

Public Service Announcement!

This one is for the locals. A Public Service announcement from The Edge Skatepark. Please read:

"To get rid of any confusion. Today the new YFC building will be having a MEDIA grand opening - not a public grand opening. This event is an invite only event for Media, Political guests, The Mayor etc. NOT for anyone that would like to come skate. We have invited a few guys to demo for TV shots but this will not eve...n b...e long as they will have to stop skating for Program, speeches, ribbon cutting etc. DO NOT COME TO SKATE UNLESS YOU HAVE BEEN PERSONALLY INVITED TO THIS EVENT TO DEMO. We would have loved to have everyone for this but it is not possible. There will be a public grand opening and we will be posting information about when we can open AS SOON AS WE KNOW WHEN WE CAN. The park is looking sick and almost done. This event is to make people aware that there is still a need to raise almost 3 or the 13 Million dollars we need to make it happen. There are MANY people working super hard to make this place happen and even more donating millions of dollars. So at this point you can help by either donating your hard earned cash and/or being patient. Thanks for your support and understanding." -Cliff Heide

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