Wednesday, January 25, 2012

It's a Madd world!

We briefly met Randy Wall back in December at A Finely Crafted Sale. I made arrangements with him to pick up some some of his unique artwork at his art lab/studio prior to Christmas and this is what I stumbled upon when I entered the world of MaddRandall.

Needless to say, I instantly requested to return with my camera to share what was going on in Randy's world! Randy politely invited us back to his basement of awesome.

One of the first things that came to mind when I first laid eyes upon Randy's art lab is how I only wished I had stumbled upon it before P/S Zine Issue I - The Collectors Issue

I think Randy had just about every genre of toys offered in his collection.

Including O.G. G.I. Joe

Freddy Kreuger

The Monkees, Plant of The Apes, Batman...

...even Homies!

From East L.A. all the way to Japan.

A whole wall dedicated to Munny, Kid Robot and many other various Japanese collectibles.

I didn't get the details on this one, but it is pretty slick.

If you're going to have a room full of awesome you'd better have a Pinball game in there somewhere!

Parts of Halloween costumes and the RCA dog.

Why does Randy love collecting toys? Maybe one of the reasons is aside from being an illustrator and designer for over 25 years he's also been busy sculpting toys!

He has a separate wall dedicated his prototypes and the finished products they became after they went in to production.

Awesomeness continued...

You can't have O.G. Batman without Robin.

Below the Salvador Dali clock is part of a Planet of The Apes mask used at one of Randy's infamous (2012 marks it's 27th year) annual Halloween parties. If you follow this blog you know we're fans of Planet of the Apes.

There are treats in every corner!

Some Synthesizer influenced art.

This might explain that influence. MaddRandall's talents don't stop at creating visual art. I thought I walked in to a Supertramp concert! So much fun!

I could have taken photos and listened to stories all night long...but our time ran out so we'll be sure to return soon.

Looking to connect with Randy for a project? Contact him here.

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