Monday, February 13, 2012

Damage Inc.

When someone makes the decision to put their camera equipment between flying skateboards and their own face, one has to take in to account that sooner or later either your face, hands or camera could be damaged while "getting the shot". This is something I have known since day one and I've had my fair share of close calls. Yesterday was one of those days.

The first time I met our friend Brock Anderson he was hucking himself down a set of stairs. So it makes perfect sense to me to see him doing just that for over an hour at our Edge Skatepark rental yesterday. He's well know for his technical ability when it comes to skateboarding and pulling off as many switch tricks as possible it seems. Seriously...he's crazy good.

Here's Brock "warming up".

Here's the split second right before the board shot out on this nose blunt heading straight for my face!

Here's the amazing thing... My camera protected my face! After wiping the paint off of the lens from the skateboard itself I noticed it had separated further than during a previous incident of a similar nature. I looked through the view finder and my heart sank. It was all distorted and messed up. I accepted losing this battle. Upon further investigation I found the inside of my camera body was full of loose parts. My heart sunk further, but it was all part of the job.

Before throwing in the towel I thought it would be worth a trip to the local camera repair shop. A pleasant surprise to Nikon is like a Timex ...I hope! When the loose parts fell out of my camera I never noticed the focus screen fell out on to the floor. Thanks to detective Cliff Heide at the skate park he called with the good news that he found the missing piece! Tonight I go to pick it up and see if we can get ol' faithful back up and running again! Stay tuned!

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