Thursday, June 21, 2012

Mild In The Streets

Question: Were we the envy of gamers everywhere while we were being driven in this Jeep with the MW3 Call of Duty trim package? Answer: Obviously.

Attending Emerica's Wild In The Streets would have been AWESOME! Also painful as it's hard to watch a mob of people enjoying something you aren't supposed to be doing while we got Mild In The Streets instead.

We went to visit the Red River Ex. Carny life is not the life for me.


...Not at all.

The birds eye view of the ant people.

The faces and places Red River Ex Edition. April and Dwayne!

That's that!

If anyone has some great photos from Go Skate Day/ Emerica Wild In The Streets in Winnipeg...send them to us and we'll post the good stuff!

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