Thursday, June 21, 2012

Tell the world

Over here at stir crazy central where there's been no skateboarding by doctor's orders as mentioned earlier, we've been trying to stay motivated. That hasn't gone so well and we've been distracted by far too much T.V. What good can come out of that? Making ridiculous hot dogs would be the answer.

When they were just about finished the roommate asks if I'm going to "tell the world". That was my cue to blow the dust off of the camera and get down to business...

Grill the vegan dogs.

Lay them down in beds of vegan cheese or the optional peanut butter.

Top them off accordingly with grape jelly and Cap'n Crunch or...

Mustard, ketchup and crushed potato chips!

Healthy? Borderline. A perfect dinner on Father's Day? Obviously!


  1. Are the buns, chips, capt'n crunch, mustard etc....vegan?

  2. Boys, boys, boys. Always playing with their wieners. Thanks for sharing your culinary adventures. You almost had me convinced to dry a veggie dog, but lost me at the grape jelly. Hope you had a great Father's Day!

  3. It was a good one! Thanks! The jelly sounds like a bad idea at first, but the taste buds win if you try it. Try peanut butter on hamburgers! Do it!