Sunday, August 26, 2012

Photo Thug and more

A familiar face comes up to me while I was skating at Park West last night and he asked me if I run the Pancakes and Skateboards Blog. Despite being wary of the inquisition, I admit full responsibility. After a short conversation, this ex-Winnipeg/current Edmonton resident and I determine the source of our original introduction many years ago through a mutual friend while attending World of Wheels in Calgary. At the time he was honing in craft in photography and now he is known as PHOTO THUG.

I'm sure he was surprised to learn that I have a copy of his first published photo ever on the cover of a Jones Soda bottle (that's never been opened) from over ten years ago. He's since graduated from soda bottles to magazines like Skateboarder and SBC etc... Check out his awesome/inspiring blog here. Check out his furious styles below...

After that encounter we were back to business as usual with Grady Kuly.


There wasn't even time to pop open the bottle of ibuprofen at home after the last few hours of fun before we were tipped off that we just HAD to get our butts down to the bowl at The Forks. We all know that lighting may not be in the cards at The Forks Plaza, but we also know where there's a WILL there's a way.

David enjoys the bowl with some D.I.Y. lighting action.

The host of the late night session...Will Power!

If it wasn't for the late night session and phone call message promptly relayed from the roommate, I would have never been witness to this!

That's right! Dude has a fully functional fish tank on his bike with plants growing from everywhere front to back!

Wow! What a night!

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