Saturday, August 25, 2012

Second chances

If you were like me and passed out dead tired before 9:00pm last night or had some other reason/excuse not to be at The Cavern, you would have missed out on Chris Walter's last stop on his What No One Else Wanted To Say Book Launch/GFY Press Tour with special guests Trousermouth just as I did.

Luckily for me, Chris felt the need to lighten up the load before returning home and decided to give some books away at VJ's Drive Inn prior to skipping town. This was my second chance to catch up with him to make up for me being a lightweight the day before.

It's well known the people in Winnipeg love a good deal and free books?!? ...even better, but this wasn't a mob of people looking for table scraps...

...these were true fans appreciating the free book offer, but coming with fists full of cash to get their own copy of the new SNFU biography that Chris just finished. If you follow our blog, you'd know this already, because we were quite excited when our special edition copy showed up in the mail!

Mission accomplished...almost nothing left!

It's not out of the ordinary to see nice cars at a drive inn restaurant, but these Riff Raff C.C. members were here for more than just French Fries. They've been going to car shows as long as I can remember and enjoying the same hardcore and punk shows as I have since I was fourteen. So it's not a surprise to see them pick up some books from Chris, just as much as it's not a surprise that a former Winnipeger would choose VJ's Drive Inn as a place to meet up with his readers and fans so he can chow down on a VJ's burger before splitting.

Learn more about Chris, his latest book and GFY Press in this Winnipeg Free Press article.

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