Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Just Look Around

"I see the whites that hate the blacks, blacks that hate the Jews, brother against brother and they're all to blind to see"-Sick Of It All

"I see the bikers that hate the skaters, the skaters that hate the scooter kids, the scooter kids that hate the radio controlled cars and we all have to share the skate park"-Cam Nikkel

I'm sure each faction on their own would love to have the skate park all to themselves, not having to share it with anyone, but others from their elite group of peers. Maybe the bikers are lobbying to have the parks called BMX parks (please no). I've been guilty of allowing myself to get frustrated after being cut off, crashed in to etc... by someone who doesn't understand the goings on in a skate park. It's not because they ride a bike or a scooter, it's just that they don't get it...yet!

The odd two wheeled machine makes an appearance on this blog from time to time amongst the heavy skateboarding content, but it's been awhile since we've had a full feature.

We found someone both worthy of a full BMX feature and kind enough to let us document him, his toys and a small sample of his domination of the park.

Cole Jonsson

The Charger's 440 version 2.0

A man and his toys.

Common theme at this time of year... Fighting the light!

Tail whip!

Look back!

That's that!

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