Saturday, October 20, 2012

Needle in a haystack

Sometimes I leave the house with a specific goal in mind. This particular Saturday it was to find a new camera strap. The main reason behind this expedition? To rid myself of the current strap that advertises the camera manufacturer's brand for free. I'm not looking for a fancy strap, nor a strap with the latest gadgets. I am thinking something from the 60's or 70's, but hopefully sans leather. That's a tall order. First things first...go see Martin's booth at the flea market, cause it's usually camera equipment heavy.

A toy horse...

...some cool keys, but no camera straps.

I even went to the camera store. Lots of great straps, but not the one I see in my head. Does it even exist? Who knows. I may just have to "modify" the current strap to my liking.

In other news... While at the one and only Photo Central I did have the opportunity to see some prints of mine that they put on display in their new digs. It was an honour to be asked to have some images on display in the first place.

I may have left with no camera strap, but I left with a warm fuzzy feeling inside.

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  1. It wouldn't be difficult to make one...and that way it'll be one of a kind, exactly as you picture and brand and leather free!