Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The good, the bad and the ugly with Grady Kuly

Grady on a good day.

Grady on a bad day.

The new Grady.

A note from the Urban Dictionary: A Pimp cane is an essential tool to the hardcore pimp, while a mere prop for softcore pimps. Hardcore pimps usually tip their canes with gold, an element conducive to manipulation of the pimp field. Unfortunately, softcore pimps think themselves as "above" this and use their wealth to completely plate their cane with gold, or create gold canes outright. This serves no purpose but to cause greater differentiated wealth distribution and suffering in the world. Hardcore pimps understand this, and do only what is necessary to use the pimp force to maintain good and balance in society.

A note from us: Grady is not a pimp, he's merely a broken skateboarder.

Thanks for submitting the photos Grady! Get back on board soon!

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