Sunday, November 4, 2012

C4 Central Canada Comic Con 2012

We found ourselves back at C4 Comic Con this year.

Here are some highlights...

Alicia made an awesome Bride of Frankenstein!


Body art by Samantha Wpg

Floor mat body armor!

Body painting by Mardi Gras Face Art

Kassandra, Mariell and Courtney from the Manitoba Mayhem cheerleader squad.

Are you ready to rumble?

This guy is ready to rumble!

PCW wrestler Leo London takes down his opponent for the win!

Don't worry ladies...she won the match.

Number One takes out Scott Justice and Jackie "The Jet" Lee

"Release your inner nerd!" - Jackie Lee. You know he means it! Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy chest piece!

Friendly villains.

A wonderful Wonder Woman and super-sexy Storm (someone please tell my high school English teacher I've been working some alliteration magic).

Just when you think you know someone. Well not really, but he didn't mention this probably well known fact during a recent toast to the groom this summer that I caught at a wedding I attended. So it's news to me that Matt Joudrey is an author!

Lisa Jorgensen showing my partner-in-crime a Simpson-ized sketch of one of her friends.

Lisa's talented, co-booth artist friend Heather Mondor working on a sketch of her own.

Someone is way off of "the grid"!


Super awesome!

Possibly the best costume of the day. Your favourite never-nude and mine... Tobias Funke!

See you next year! ...maybe.