Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Final Game

I was offered tickets to last Saturday's football game on more than one occasion. I was just in the middle of turning down the last offer, explaining to the generous friend of mine that I don't care much for football, never mind sitting in 2°C weather for it! Before I finished that sentence it dawned on me that I never asked my partner-in-crime if he felt like sitting in the cold to watch football. He was delighted about the idea, so we accepted.

Being that I am not a fan of sports in the least, it was news to me that it was the last game at the Blue Bombers current digs. There was some sentimental value in there due to the fact that over the past few decades, I've been treated to a good number of games. So there's that.

"Professional cameras with detachable lenses" are on the list of contraband items at the stadium. Cameras that "fit in the pocket" are allowed. I had just the right sized pocket for my SLR (detachable lens and all). Shhhhh!

Dressing warm for this game was a must. The guy on the left must have been trying to get some good use out of his Winnipeg Jets jersey considering he won't be wearing it to a NHL Hockey game anytime in the near future.

Can't have a sporting event without a 50/50 draw.

Serious about popcorn.

Serious about evil leprechaun head tattoos!

Popcorn peddler.


The crowd pleaser.

Snacks on snacks.

The one disadvantage to using B&W film this day, was not being able to share just how bright and gold this jacket really is!

As far as this 59 year old stadium is concerned... That's that!

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