Sunday, January 6, 2013

2012 Top 5 Food Moments

We're getting a late start at taking a look back at 2012, but better late than never. We'll start off with a new one. Top 5 Food Moments for 2012:

The weekly pancake breakfast! Location: Home

The Last Supper (the last supper before the annual summer vacation shut down). Location: Delicious Vegetarian

Ridiculous hot dogs with The Roommate and Number One Son. Location: Home

Being invited to Poutine Parties! Location: The Poutine Queen's kitchen.

We enjoyed many of our dine-out meals in 2012 at Boon Burger, Cousins Deli and other go-to restaurants over the year, but we were excited to welcome Modern Taco Company to the neighborhood and add them to the list.

That's that!

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