Monday, January 7, 2013

2012 Top 5 Skateboarding Moments

There really are too many to choose from and this would have been easier to do a top 10, but we're going with Top 5's this year. Top 5 Skateboarding Moments of 2012:

Any day skateboarding and being motivated by Grady Kuly.

Every single moment at the Angry Ramp before it's demise! The night Brendon Sanderson showed up to throw down was exceptionally mind blowing.

Any day Will Power makes it out to spend time with his skateboard!

Meeting new people! This particular occasion was Derrick in Steinbach....or is it a boneless on the moon?

Not only is skateboarding until dusk and beyond one great feeling, C1rca reposted this photo on their facebook page. That made Cody happy and who doesn't like happy people?

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  1. Wonderful Picks! Skate boarding is a good activity and killer exercise to relax yourself from all worries and it makes you energize to combat with any challenges in life!!