Saturday, May 11, 2013


Yesterday afternoon it rained. The Edge Skatepark declared "Rain Session 5-8pm". I read that on the internet, so I MUST be true! I got down the the park and there was no session. It was no longer raining and despite the fact that it was still cold out they posted on the world wide web that it was canceled. People who don't use cellular telephones like myself, don't get those messages!

Yes, that's right... no cell phone, no smart phone and somehow life still goes on and the world still turns. We'll save that whole revelation for another time. Despite the fact that the world still turns without smart phones, being disconnected does have it's disadvantages, like showing up to the party when no one is there! There is however a silver lining!

Since indoor skateboarding was no longer on the menu, it was time to brave the chilly weather and head down to the closest skate park down the street. Lucky for us it just happens to be the world class Forks Plaza and many of our friends were there. One of them being Brendon Sanderson tongue out and all!

I wish I could say I taught Brendon everything he knows, but that couldn't be the furthest thing from the truth. I did however inspire him to pull this judo air!

Frontside melon to fakie on the pyramid.

Brendon and Ben scheming...


That's that!

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