Friday, May 24, 2013

Slack off!

One could be safe to assume that there's been some basic slacking off going on around here as there's been no posting. Safe, but wrong. Not basic slacking off, but feeling like you're dying, curled up in the fetus position, drenched in sweat, fighting some relentless and sickly germs sort of slacking off. Somewhere in the middle of all that rain we've been having and being sick, we still made it out to check out 30 minutes of last Saturday's contest at The Edge Skatepark. Highlights? Hardly. Random photos? Sure, why not!

It was worth getting out of the house...celebrity sighting! Jared!

The contest.

Josh has a new toy and yes, this is a genius way to post my own face on the blog.

Judging (actually an action photo of Justin Basset).


...looking out!

Text: Contest, cash prizes, get down here, now.

Noticed Will was showing some P&S love, snapped a quick photo! Thanks!

That's that!

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