Saturday, September 28, 2013

A sequence of events

I said to the family "we're heading out; destination to be announced". Number One Son asked "can I take my iPod with me to take photos?" I reluctantly replied "yes". Why reluctantly? The first reason is because we have a rule... If the protective case isn't on, it doesn't leave the house. The protective case was not on. The second reason is based on his responsibility level. Where is it at? I wasn't sure. I dropped the over protective parent bit and went with the flow.

When we left the house. No one besides me was sure where we were going. When we arrived at The Forks, Number One Son saw some geese and executed his plan to "take photos" with his iPod Touch.

I'd like to think that we're a spontaneous family, so no big deal to me that taking photos quickly turned to running around the park... just because. My wife even caught the running around in action with her own i-device via Instagram video. You'll notice in this video still that the iPod Touch mentioned previously is not in one of the four pockets of Number One Son's pants, but sitting on this ledge instead.

I was already one foot out of the park, when I turned around to capture this photo thinking all was business as usual...

...but it wasn't. The iPod Touch was still sitting on the ledge on top of the bank in the middle of the skate park when we left for dinner!

Of course we didn't realize this until closer to 9:00pm when we were back at home. The first thing we did was check "find my iPhone" via Apple's iCloud. Unfortunately, his isn't a great tool for the iPod Touch device if it's not currently on a wifi network.

The next move was posting about the iPod via social networking, because our social network is largely composed of skateboarders that frequent The Plaza at The Forks. Then we hopped in the car armed with a flashlight and headed down to the park based on a hope and a prayer that it would amazingly be sitting right where we realized it was left when we viewed the video to retrace our steps. No such luck.

We dropped by the security office, but no one had turned it in. They asked us if the pass code lock was activated which it was. They gave us hope by telling us that iPods and iPhones that are locked are often handed in to lost and found. A couple of days later and still, no such luck.

Now I've heard about people losing or having their phones stolen and I am always the first to say "should have had your pass code lock on, should have been registered with "find my iPhone". Now of course with all things ironic with the amount of idevices I have set up for family and friends, this one didn't have photo and video being back up to iCloud by the looks of it. So my son is not just out one 4th Gen 32GB iPod Touch, he's missing all of the memories that are stored on it as well.

It's not like he "lost" it as much as he "left" it. Which is probably the same reason local skateboarder Kenny Doerksen and his friends responded to one of the posts in search of the phone indicating that him and his friends saw it on the ledge two hours after it was "left" there. I'm assuming they thought it belonged to someone skateboarding the park and never picked it up. If anyone knows anyone who WAS at The Plaza this past Thursday, September 26th, 2013...please ask them if they maybe picked it up in error? Like I wrote already; it was not lost, but left and just needs to be returned. Hand it in to security/lost and found at The Forks or drop us a line. We'd even compensate you for your troubles. Thanks! Thanks to all of those who helped get the word out so far and thanks in advance to anyone who takes the time to pass this on.

We try so hard in life to appreciate what we DO have and not dwell on losing an object. This one is not about being without the object and it has very little to do with its monetary value. It's just about being bummed out that we've lost what's on it and we've rather have it back than not.

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