Monday, September 30, 2013

Family Portraits Exhibit at The Forks

Now this is happening...

The Graffiti Gallery has selected six photos from my ongoing "Family Portraits" series to put up on display at the gallery at The Forks Plaza. They won't be up forever, so get down there and check them out now!

What's the inspiration for these portraits? Read on...

Public Service Announcement: We all know (I hope) that it's bad to paint graffiti all over the park. Why? Instead of putting money aside for things that cost money like lights and upkeep, the Forks spends loads of money on graffiti removal every year. The same goes for the Graffiti Gallery display boxes. The Graffiti Gallery spends time, effort and money to maintain these boxes so they can showcase local talent. Unfortunately after all of the sticker and graffiti removal on the plexiglass covers, the end result isn't as brilliant as it's intended to be.

Next time you're just itching to put a decal or tag up on the plexiglass or spray paint "all hail Satan" in the bowl...take a moment to read the one message that came with the park "Respect this place and each other".

That's that!

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