Thursday, September 12, 2013

Flip Demo - Winnipeg

Back row...

...Human Rights Museum.

...front row!

Something big must be happening, even Lance Mountain is in attendance!

Ready, aim, fire!

Flip Demo!

Louie Lopez killing it on the hubba.

Matt Berger threw down some crazy tricks...

...all over the park!

Curren Caples blew people's minds on the "carpet"!

Number One Son barges at will! Oops!

Camera envy!

No paparazzi for this guy. Exit stage right!

Mandatory close up shot (Ryan Martin).

Who's that?

Lance Mountain!

Lance and the Flip crew put on an extraordinary demo! We hoped to see Lance rip up the bowl, but unfortunately that didn't happen. Not a big deal at all, cause these guys held nothing back and entertained to the fullest. They were all great with the kids (young and old) before and after the demo. Thanks for stopping off in Winnipeg!

Faces in the crowd...

Alec and Kyra

Catrin's back in town!

Dead serious!

That's that!


  1. Shot of Lance reading the P/S zine... classic Lance Mountain. The guy is a class act. Beautiful photos as per usual Cam!