Friday, September 13, 2013

Side note - Part II

The other day I mentioned being the recipient of my very first rangefinder to call my own. It's a Konica Auto S2 35mm. It worked flawlessly up until about frame number 17, which at that point it sounded hungry and started eating film while I was using the winder. I am hoping this was just a one time thing. I think the film canister has too much room to jump around or something like that, so the holes in the film came out of alignment with the film advance sprocket thingy?

When I introduced the new camera, I also promised to share some results. I had the rangefinder with me while hanging out with Number One Son and shooting my friend Waylon and his family for a project. The rangefinder came out and I'm digging the results... a lot!

I am already eager to try the next roll! That's that!

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